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After endless studies, flat shoes are known to give the most beneficial start to your babies walking journey.

Sock shoes are designed to mimic barefoot walking, meaning there is no added restrictions in growth like other shoes especially typical hard soled shoes.

The Sock Shoes are the most beneficial style of shoes for babies and toddlers as they are thin and flat, the rubber soles are durable enough to protect your child's foot.

The durable rubber soles are there to protect their feet from the outside world while still maintaining that barefoot walking feeling.

Studies have shown that leaving your child without shoes provides them with better foot health in the long run than other style of shoes.

We know you can't always leave your child barefoot especially when outdoors, that's why the Sock Shoe is the most ideal. It is the closest shoe you can find that gives the same effect as barefoot walking as it is specifically designed to mimic the feeling of barefoot walking.