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Firstly, welcome to Tiny Toes!

My name is Mariah, I have two little ones aged 1 & 3 years.

I remember going through the stage of stressing out from what type of first shoe to buy, that’s why I’m putting the “Tiny Toes Sock Shoes” out to the world!

They have worked wonders for my little girl.
She’s been such a great walker from the start and I can confidently say it’s because Iv put her in our Sock Shoes!

Unlike many other baby/toddler shoe brands, Tiny Toes was created from a passion. Once my own child started walking I couldn't find the perfect shoe that satisfied her needs and gave her the best start to her walking journey - that's why I am so invested in showing other parents that sock shoes are extremely good in the long run!

I want to say, Thank you!

Thank you for supporting a small Aussie owned business. Thank you for supporting a dream & thank you for spreading awareness of how important it is to find a stylish yet supportive and comfortable shoe for your little ones!