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Recommended by leading Podiatrists across Australia, here is a list on why you should pick Tiny Toes Sock Shoes over standard hard sole walkers.

- Light weight & non slip
- Advanced durable rubber soles
- 100% cotton breathable & stretchy material
- Slips on as a sock
- Tried & tested by many babies/toddlers with extremely positive feedback
- Machine washable 
- No restrictions for their foot development

Unlike many other baby/toddler shoe brands, Tiny Toes was created from a passion. Once my own child started walking I couldn't find the perfect shoe that satisfied her needs and gave her the best start to her walking journey - that's why I am so invested in showing other parents that sock shoes are extremely good in the long run!

Stylish and supportive was really important to me, I didn't want anything that stood out too much - I wanted to create something that was perfect for everyday wear. 

There are so many factors that contribute to why many podiatrists recommend this to be the first shoes you put your babies in.